2015 has been a roller coaster of a year as far as eCommerce is concerned. We saw a sharp rise in the sheer number of players online. This of-course had a strong effect in the rise of the total transactions and customer behavior online. Indian eComm sector is pegged to grow to almost USD 22 billion by 2015 end. This is almost a 100% growth compared to where we were at the end of 2013. This marks a sign of big things to come in the near future. 2016 will continue to bring the promise of the web to all those who care to seize it, only To Those Who Seize it.

With that being said, we don’t think there is room for doubt as to why should YOU be online. But if you’re still doubtful, here are 7 key reasons to go online in 2016:

1. The World is your Oyster: One of the key things about the web is that you’re no longer limited to your neighborhood or your city as far as customers are concerned. This was and always will be one of the greatest reasons to be online. The way things are going in the eCommerce space, this is now a verifiable fact. Imagine a multi-billion dollar industry just waiting for you, it’s almost criminal to let it go.

2. It’s Easy: For a very long time, building a website has been associated with enigma and confusion. A lay person will have no understanding of the technicality or the various nuances that need to be focused on. But wait, what about setup offline? Indian red-tapism is notorious to crack, not to mention expensive. A lay person may not understand tech but we’re certain he/she surely doesn’t understand the nuances associated with setting up a business offline either. Think about all the legal stuff, permissions, rent, costs and a million other things that we’re not even thinking about. It’s time to realize compared to all that, setting up a website is cake-walk. And to make your journey a tad bit simpler, we present You with expert consultation , OR a Online Website Builder a network of some of the best designers from across India. Now, what’s your excuse?

3. Your Customers are already there: No matter what you’re selling your customers are already there. Don’t you think its high time you go meet them? Indians are getting online and fast. While they spend a bunch of their time interacting with friends on Facebook and Googling for new information to learn. They do spend a significant of their time and money in purchasing products and services. 5 years ago, buying furniture online would’ve been a laughable joke, today it’s a reality. Companies like UrbanLadder, Pepperfry and Fabfurnish have become successful business with immense funding being pumped in.

4. Internet is Growing: Internet penetration in India is still under 20% only. Now factor the $20 billion revenue and you’ll see the immense potential there exists. There are plenty of customers for everyone to enjoy. The only failure is not joining in the opportunity.

5. Investors Love India: The sheer number of VC Funds entering or focusing on India is a clear sign of potential the web has to offer. India has seen more startups in the last 5 years than ever before. These startups get all the help and money they need to fulfill their big dreams. This means you don’t have to worry about investments or the risk of failure, you will have the support and the backing you need. All you need is a plan and the motivation to get started. Look at all the new age CEOs, Ola, Oyo, Hola chef, Zivame, they’re all under 30 and started with only an idea and faith in the promise of the web. You can walk among these giants, all you need to is start.

6. Not Only for Business: Sure we’ve only looked at the business angle of things but there’s so much more to the web. There are writers, story tellers, singers, you name it. Imagine AIB without Youtube or Amit Agarwal without his blog. None of these amazing folks would’ve been able to do what they do and make it big without getting online.

7. It’s Time: Lastly, because it’s high time.

We can go on and on about the benefits of being online but we think you get the gist. Make 2016, the year you go online. We’re sure you wont regret it. We’ll even offer you a sweet deal, get 30% off on your next purchase of hosting

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