A wordpress is a content management system that manipulates the content of a business, institution or any other organization. It is a website creation software which is user friendly and makes users comfortable for managing all the tasks in it.

WordPress powers 33.6% of the global websites. 796 new WP sites are created daily. It is simple and easy to learn; people who do not have technical knowledge can also learn it. No doubt WordPress gives us varieties of themes and plugins by which we can show our creativity, but there’s always a flip side of the coin.

WordPress websites are the main target of the hackers. The number of attacks on WordPress websites is increasing minute by minute.Security is a main concern and a topic of discussion among website owners.Hackers are attempting over 90,000 attempts on WP sites every minute. Don’t worry, we have a solution to this.There are several methods to manage and protect our WP website. One of them is a WordPress Management and WordPress security service.

WordPress Core, Themes And PlugIns Updates

CMS updates are vital for websites. Attackers usually find some loopholes in the core, themes and plugins to hack the website.They attack and try hacking them with different methods. Now this is the task of the WordPress security managers to patch the security of the WP website and keep themes, plugins and core of the wordpress updated whenever it releases.

WordPress Database Security

The space at which the website’s data is stored is the database of that website.The WordPress managers can take care that the database is secured and the whole environment is optimized. They should be responsible for it and the web host you choose must be reliable. Multiple installations should not be run on one database, thisprevent  would be a huge disaster if someone accesses your database.

Remove Malware

It is not easy  to clean a hacked website. It is good to have a WordPress expert who can remove malware from your website. In case you are not a technical expert, doing it yourself will  make it more difficult to restore it.


The main layer of the website protection is FIREWALL. Firewall filters the traffic of your site. Plug-in based, Cloud based and inbuilt firewall are the three types of firewall.You should ask WordPress experts to suggest the service you need.

Login protection

To gain access to the WordPress website hackers used brute force attacks. It is a program that tries entering username and password until it gets right.There are various methods to stop this attack:

  • By creating unique administrator username
  • By creating a strong password
  • By adding two-factor authentication
  • Limited access to wp-login.php
  • Limited access to wp-admin

Backups your site

Basically backup is a copy of any data which can be restored, in case the original data is lost. Suppose a site is hacked and part of the data is deleted. In that case, you not only have to clean up your site, but also restore the data.

WordPress website monitoring

You should have a WordPress service package to ensure high-quality website support and maintenance. The team of experts must monitor your  WordPress website 24/7 and keep your website secure.

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