The word FREE can turn many heads, so there’s absolutely no doubt there will be many takers for free web hosting. Not bad right, host your website online and no need to pay a dime for it. But we hate to break the bubble, there’s very little that you get with free hosting. Infact you’ll lose out on more money than you would pay for a good web hosting package. Sounds unbelievable right, read on to learn more.

Disadvatantages of Free Web Hosting

  • Are You Serious: Your web address is going to be a subdomain of your free web hosting service provider (ex: If you’re serious about your website or online business, you’ll never want to see this happen. Besides no one deals with a business that doesn’t have their own domain name.
  • Got Space Bro: All free web hosting companies only give you web space that is barely enough to build a 5 page static website. You will be left hanging for more space and your only ray of hope will be paying a hefty amount to upgrade. This generally is more expensive than most good web hosting packages out there.
  • Kapoosh!!: Free web hosting lacks reliability. The free web hosting company can decide to shut shop anytime and that means it will shut your website too. Just like a disappearing rabbit in a magic show.
  • Where’s My Money: The free web hosting companies have the right to run ads on your website even if they are not relevant to your website. What’s worse is that you get no share of the revenue earned by them. That’s not fair right!! Also imagine your competitor ads showing up on your own site, disastrous isn’t it?
  • Why You No Visit Me: You can forget about getting any traffic from search engines as most sites hosted on free web hosting servers are pushed to the back of the results. Your hard work is never going to get noticed. Bloggers who wish to reach out to their audience are going to suffer the most.
  • That’s so 90’s Bro:  Get ready to deal with older versions of applications, low data transfer, file upload limitations, no support and constant need to upgrade to get more control of your own website.

So before you give in to ‘free web hosting’, think about what we mentioned above and decide what’s more important for you; an awesome fully functional website or just another free website (which isn’t really yours). The choice is yours :-)

Anyways paid isn’t that expensive. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our Hosting plans and judge for yourself

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