The aim of SEO is to rank well in search engine results for the phrases your clients are searching. Those words and phrases are keywords. There are many methods by which a SEO can rank his website on the top. These methods allow an SEO to optimize keywords and display clients an appropriate page for which they are looking.

Successful SEO is not about tricking google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users“.

SEO keywords range from simple words to complex phrases and are used to inform website content to increase relevant organic search traffic .

One of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that it’s all about tricking google to get your website to rank high .

There are two types of SEO keywords

  1. Short tail keywords are of only one or two words . They have very high competition.
  2. Long Tail keywords can range in 3 to 10 words. There is not much competition as in short tail keywords. They tend to have a much clearer intent than short tail keywords .

How to find Best keywords for SEO ?

  • Use Keyword Research Tools

       A few examples of free tools :

  • Keyword FX 
  • Keyword tool
  • Answer the public
  • Focus on long tail keywords 
  • The keyword should contain high volume and low competition.

How to use SEO keywords on your website. ?

  1. Your URLs

SEO should make sure that all of your URLs are SEO  friendly . If they are not,  rework – on your URL and add keywords to it.

  1. Your Meta Tags

Include meta tags in keywords , like your heading and little . Each title tag should be exactly what it sounds like -a title for the page.

  1. Content

Read through each page and make sure that the target keyword is used naturally a few times – the operative word here being naturally.

  1. Images

Search engines cannot see images but they can read them. That’s why you optimize your images for your SEO keyword.

When a SEO is optimizing web pages, keep in mind that keyword relevance is more important than keyword density in SEO.

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