As we know, WordPress is open for all and easily downloaded; a question arises in our mind that whether WordPress is secure or not? 

The simple and straightforward  answer is yes, of course WordPress is secure. A wordpress website is all the way secure if the user takes the website security critical. Also the owner of the website must invest to make his website secure and follow best practices for security. WordPress includes Plugins, Themes and core files, are they are secure. We will establish these topics separately for better & clear understanding.

Are WordPress themes secure?

WordPress offers several versatile themes that are perfectly suitable for us. But are these themes secure? The short and straight answer is not always. WordPress provides   both free and paid themes. A theme you choose should always match with the code standards of wordpress. Most of the themes are created by third parties that have loopholes for attackers to hack the website. It is suggested to choose themes from wordpress theme directory or paid themes.Themes should be up-to-date whenever required.

Are WordPress plugins secure? 

As the same themes WordPress provides a lot of plugins that are very useful in the website. A lot of  wordpress plugins are used in the creation of websites. But are the plugins secure? The answer is the same as in the case of themes, not always. The plugins make wordpress flexible and customized. Plugins are also free and paid. They are created by third parties so they are the most powerful gates for hackers to attack on the websites.It is suggested to choose plugin from the plugin directory of wordpress. Plugins need updates whenever required.  

Is the WordPress core secure?

The answer is yes if it is updated with the latest version. To keep the wordpress websites secure it is crucial to keep the core of the wordpress secure updated. Whenever an update releases, install it immediately to keep the functionality of the wordpress secure.

Tips And Tricks to keep website secure

  • To make sure that your website is secure you should have safe hosting.
  • Make sure that you are working with a good hosting company.
  • You must protect the wp-config.php file in the panel.
  • Make sure that you disallow editing when you have completed the website creation.
  •  Must disable directory listing with .htaccess.
  • Set  permissions of the directory carefully. 
  • Make sure you avoid the hotlinking.
  • Protect your login page from brute force attacks.
  • Should use Two-factor authentication for security.
  • Use Password Manager
  • It should log out automatically the idle users of the website.
  • The wp-admin directory must be protected.
  • Must use SSL certificate for encryption
  • Must add user accounts carefully by taking care  of their role.
  • Monitor your files.
  • Alter the  prefix of  WordPress database table .
  • Make backups regularly
  •  Set strong passwords
  •  Monitor your audit logs
  • Update regularly
  • Remove your WordPress version number

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